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Do you know the misunderstanding of exercise to lose weight?

Dec. 27, 2019

In this issue of Laser Beauty Machine Manufacturer, I will discuss with you the misconceptions and misunderstandings that most people who exercise themselves for the purpose of weight loss at the beginning.

The first is that we score clearly aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is most prominent in running. Most people think that aerobic exercise like running is very useful for weight loss, so we go to the treadmill in the gym every day. Running, or night running in the residential area at night.

When you decide to lose weight for a while, you also go running every day, sweating every day, but the weight has not changed much, I do n’t know if you look at it again like Xiaobian. At this time, we fell into a misunderstanding. Aerobic exercises such as running are really helpful for weight loss.

6 in 1 Weight Loss Cavitation Machine

6 in 1 Weight Loss Cavitation Machine

However, if you only run, you can’t get a good figure. On the contrary, during the day-to-day running, you are more and more aerobic, the amount of calories you consume is less and the weight is less and less. What's changed. We should take aerobic exercise as the last step to reduce fat, and wait for other methods to finish before doing aerobic exercise. There is also a 6 in 1 Weight Loss Cavitation Machine that can work with us.

As for the diet, we just need to control and reasonably arrange the daily intake. Foods with low-calorie density are also the best choice for reducing fat. Ideally, it is best to eat natural foods every day. More processed ingredients.

Dieting cannot lose weight, and everyone should not step into the erroneous thinking that dieting can lose weight. You must know the good body that others have adhered to and worked hard every day.

It can't be that you can easily get it without dieting for a day or two without effort and sweat. Here, the editor again emphasizes that deliberate dieting and weight loss can easily cause the body to have anorexia, and even more serious is anorexia! So don't go on a diet.

Fitness can not be rushed, nor can we only see the value on the surface of the scale. Many people have the wrong concept that they have worked hard, but the weight on the scale has not changed much.

Weighing does not reveal changes in your body, including changes in your muscles. The values are only temporary, and the physical benefits of fitness are constant.

Many people now go to the gym to exercise during the day and stay up late at night to stay up until midnight. They think that staying up late has nothing to do with fitness. This wrong conception reduces our fitness effect and sleep is very important.

If you often sleep less than six hours during fitness, it will make people less concentrated, reduce the effect of exercise, and they want to eat more. The cortisol in the body will increase, so when we go to the gym to exercise, the coach will say that we must Get plenty of sleep.

It is also very important to warm up before sports. When you are in the swimming pool, you often see people who have changed their swimsuits to go directly into the water. This will easily cause leg cramps. If the legs are cramped, the consequences will be very serious. Our company also has Gold RF Micro Crystal Machine on sale, welcome to consult.

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