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Laser Wash Tattoo FAQ

Sep. 09, 2019

There was a time when tattoos were particularly popular or represented a certain meaning or just a commemoration, but as time passed, the mentality of tattooed people would change, resulting in the idea of washing tattoos. At present, the effect of laser tattooing is relatively good, and it is safer and less painful. Even so, there are still many friends who have any doubts about using laser-washing machines. Next, Laser Beauty Machine Factory will answer the common questions about laser tattooing!

One: Can "scarring physique" laser wash tattoos?

A very small number of "scarring physique" can be washed, and the pattern can be washed, but the effect is not as good as normal skin. In the process of washing, try to use small light spots and small energy, and it is forbidden to wash with focus energy.

Two: Does laser tattooing hurt the skin? Will it leave scars?

Since the normal tissue does not absorb the 1064 nm laser, the cell frame is intact and there is no scar formation. In addition, the subject needs to pay attention to postoperative care after washing the tattoo.

Three: How to wash the tattoo by laser? Every time interval?

Treating as much as possible with high energy close to the focus, especially for bleeding points. Common blue and black tattoos except for the choice of 1064nm bald head treatment, such as red, brown, choose 532 bald head treatment, the treatment interval is 45-90 days, cycle treatment until washing.

Portable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Portable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Four: How long does it take for the laser to wash the tattoo?

Tattoo Laser Removal Machine has a direct relationship with the tattooing complexity of beauty. Under normal circumstances, the general tattoo can be washed and removed in about 40 days. The specific time needs to be communicated with the doctor.

Five: How to care after laser tattooing?

In the first few days after laser tattooing, anti-inflammatory ointment can be applied to prevent infection. The tattooing site should also pay attention to sunscreen care. Avoid postoperative spicy and irritating food during the recovery period.

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