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Can the Laser Remove Melanin Deposits?

May. 30, 2020

As a Scar Removal Machine Factory, share with you.

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

The symptoms of melanin precipitation can happen to everyone, especially friends who often stay up late will cause melanin precipitation to be more serious, mainly manifested on the bags under the eyes and the appearance of dark circles. We want to eliminate the precipitation of melanin. We should correct our bad schedule and adjust our diet. We can also use the laser method to remove the effect of melanin precipitation.

Laser can effectively remove pigmentation

Laser removal of pigmentation. With its powerful instantaneous power, highly concentrated radiant energy and pigment selectivity, and extremely short pulse width, the laser energy is concentrated on the pigment particles. Laser removal of pigmentation directly vaporizes or crushes it through the lymph. The tissue is eliminated from the body without affecting the surrounding normal tissues. The laser removes the pigmentation to achieve a good effect with no curative effect, no damage, no scars, little pain, and safe and simple treatment.

Laser depigmentation uses non-surgical, non-stripping, non-interventional, non-invasive physical therapy. Laser removal of pigmentation has its unique broad-spectrum strong pulse, reaching the deep layer of the skin through the epidermis, improving skin imperfections, and restoring your skin to elasticity and youth. Lighten stains (such as freckles, sunburn, age spots, chloasma), eliminate dark yellow complexion, remove facial telangiectasia, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity, fight skin aging, smooth superficial wrinkles, treat acne , Comprehensively improve skin quality. Laser removal of pigmentation can also be used efficiently on other parts of the body such as neck, chest and arms.

Laser removal of pigmentation is a good method, but laser is a bit traumatic. For safety and the final effect, be sure to go to a regular plastic surgery hospital.

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