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Do you know the 5 myths of losing weight?

Dec. 16, 2019

As a Coolplas Machine Factory, let me share with you the top 5 misunderstandings of weight loss. A healthy diet plan is an integral part of weight loss. Today, Xiao Bian invited experts to solve the weight-loss misunderstandings and help everyone declare war on the fat.

Misunderstanding 1: Should not eat starch for weight loss?

Starch has been regarded as the culprit for obesity, but Zhao Shurui said that this concept is not completely correct.

If you want to lose weight, you need to make sure that the total daily intake (calories) does not exceed the calories consumed on that day. If you reduce or not eat starch, but increase the number of other foods to fill your stomach, the calories consumed may not be higher than Eat less. She suggested that instead of consuming no starch at all, reduce the total intake of each meal.

The choice of starch is also key. She recommends choosing brown rice and whole-grain products, such as oats, barley, jojoba, millet, corn, cereal, wheat flakes, joumee noodles, whole wheat bread, whole grain biscuits, and more. Whole grains contain a lot of fiber, which not only makes people feel fuller than refined cereals but also because it contains three parts of bran, endosperm and germ. In addition to carbohydrates, it also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and so on. source. Our company provides RF Body Slimming Machine China, welcome to consult.

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Misunderstanding 2: Don't eat too late for dinner / Will you be fat after eating supper?

Most people think that eating too much at night will make you fat, so you don’t eat after 8 pm or even 7 pm. Some people are also convinced that 3 hours before going to bed, you can lose weight without eating.

However, dietitians say that one calorie is one calorie. To lose weight, what is important is the total calorie intake in a day. Based on this principle, eating late at night does not make you fat. However, if you eat enough for three meals and add supper, your calorie intake will be too high, and you will certainly not lose weight.

Misunderstanding 3: A small number of meals is good for weight loss?

Not necessarily, it still depends on the daily calorie intake. Relying on a small number of multiple meals and dividing 3 meals into 6 meals, the total daily calorie intake remains unchanged, and it is not easy to achieve weight loss. If you don't count calories, but eat 4 or 5 meals a day, it will be easy to accidentally eat more, and it will be clumsy.

Misunderstanding 4: You must lose weight if you eat less?

not always. A small bowl of dessert or potato chips does not necessarily have fewer calories than a bowl of soup noodles. She said that there is no need for a devil-type diet, long-term starvation or "insulation" with food, but to be careful in choosing the type of food and cooking method, take the same amount of steamed fish and fried fish fillet, the former has more calories than the latter Much less.

Misunderstanding 5: By eating fewer meals to reduce calorie intake, you can lose weight?

Reducing from three meals to two meals a day can easily lead to the next meal of "hunger and no food" to eat too much, or eat junk food in vain.

Even if not eating a meal can reduce your total daily calorie intake, nutritionists do not encourage everyone to do so, because losing weight in this way for a long time will reduce the metabolism rate and affect the body's ability to burn fat and calories.

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