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How to remove tattoos?

Dec. 19, 2019

As a Laser Beauty Machine Manufacturer, share the information with you. The chemical corrosion method generally uses a weaker weak acid solution to cause superficial burns on the skin, causing the pigment to fall off along with the necrotic tissue.

This method of tattooing with traditional Chinese medicine is based on chemical cauterization. If a small amount is used in locally discolored cells, the target tissue can be burned and charred, and the effect is very good, because the amount of medicine is not large, and the surrounding good tissue is not damaged. Even if there is little damage, good tissue is easy. Fix it soon. However, if it is used in large amounts on normal skin, excessive burning will produce sunken scars. If the skin is damaged by the interference of slow-burning for a long time, it will cause hypertrophic scars due to excessive repair.

Laser Cauterization: A method of removing carbon from superficial cortical skin tissue by laser cauterization.

Liquid nitrogen freezing method The liquid nitrogen freezing method is used to make the superficial skin tissue necrotic and fall off, thereby removing the tattoo tissue

The skin grinding method uses mechanical methods to remove the superficial layer of the skin to remove the pigments. It should not be too deep for each treatment. If it is not completely removed, it can be repeated. Depending on the depth of the skin removed each time, it takes 1-2 weeks for each recovery. The interval between each treatment is 1-3 months. The disadvantage is surgery. May cause skin pigmentation or loss; remove scars when the skin is too deep, and it is difficult to completely remove the deeper pigments.

For deeper tattoo designs, consider the excision of the entire skin of the affected area. If the wound is relatively narrow, you can directly sew it. Because of the tension, there will be more obvious scars after surgery. If the wound is difficult to suture, then Consider excision of thinner skin (tomography) from other parts of the body, such as thighs, for skin grafting. The disadvantage is that the color and texture of the skin graft area are poor after surgery.

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

The principle of the Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine is that the laser is applied to the affected area, and the pigment particles are broken into extremely fine particles without causing skin burns and are gradually discharged from the urinary system through the blood circulation. This method does not damage the skin and living tissue, leaving no scars after surgery, and the effect is good. This is currently a better option for treating tattoos.

Immediately after tattooing, apply a small amount of anti-inflammatory ointment to a large area and apply a scald paste first. Normally, apply 2-3 days, twice a day. 2. After the tattoo is washed, there will be reverse color, which is affected by the differences of each body and the intensity of pigment. The reverse color will appear after a few minutes to several hours. This is normal. During the later repair of the tattoo, the color will gradually become lighter until it disappears. 3. During the treatment after tattooing, affected by each body and color, some skin peeling and bleeding may occur or blisters will occur. This is normal, but for people with difficult skin healing and diabetes, they should pay special attention to medication and not be infected. If necessary, you can go to the clinic for treatment.

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