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What kind of harm does Diode Laser Machine use?

Oct. 24, 2019

  As a Laser Beauty Machine Manufacturer, there is some information I would like to share with you. Epilators can generally be divided into the following categories, and the classification criteria are the core technologies used by the instrument.

  1. Laser hair removal device, mostly used in medical institutions such as beauty salons and hospitals, but there are few laser hair removal devices in the home version, such as the 808nm Diode Laser Machine, because it has high energy and strong pain when used, if not for professional assistance. It is likely to burn.

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    808nm Diode Laser Machine

  2. IPL strong pulse light hair removal instrument, most of the household hair removal instruments on the market now use this type, such as Mu Jin. Its energy is smaller than the laser hair removal device, but the pain when using it is quite obvious. It is more suitable for the limbs and the back. If it is used for dislocation or bikini area, it may be more painful. The girls with sensitive muscles are not recommended. .

  3. HPL home pulse light hair removal instrument, HPL is specially developed for the core technology of household hair removal instrument, it has mild performance, high hair removal, equivalent to an upgraded version of IPL, whether it is sensitive muscle or healthy skin can be used with confidence. However, because this technology is patented, many household hair removal devices do not have the right to use. Nowadays, a small number of brands on the market have this technology.

  In general, whether it is a laser hair removal device or a pulsed light hair removal device, it belongs to the category of optical hair removal. The core technology they use directly affects the hair removal effect and the use experience. After all, it is an instrument directly acting on the skin, and the safety is still very important.

  Under normal circumstances, if we use the laser hair removal device correctly, there will be no side effects. The laser hair removal device mainly uses the principle of light removal and hair removal. This energy can absorb melanin when the energy is inside the hair follicle. When a certain level is reached, heat is generated, and the photothermal effect is used to deactivate the hair follicle cells, thereby fundamentally reducing the body hair in the growing season. However, if it is used improperly, there will be some harm, so we must take the correct method when using the laser hair removal device.

  What are the three hazards of improper use of the laser hair removal device:

  1. There may be a slight redness or local edema, because each person's physique is different, so there will be slight redness or local edema after use, laser hair removal process, hair removal device It will produce a lot of light intensity, and heat is an inevitable result at this time, but this situation usually disappears after a few hours.

  2. There may be blisters and other hazards, if improper use of laser hair removal device, it is easy to burn the skin and produce some bleak and other side effects, so we better choose to go to a regular hospital for treatment.

  3. It is likely to cause white spots and dark spots. Laser hair removal device is only suitable for people with hairy diseases and people with light skin color. If the skin color is darker, the light source generated by the laser hair removal device will damage the skin pigmentation, causing white spots or The situation of dark spots, so people with deep skin must choose this treatment carefully.

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