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Can I Lose Weight by Learning to Swim?

Mar. 06, 2020

Friends who want to lose weight have always had a doubt: each time they swim in the pool for a long time, but also insist on it for a few weeks, they gain weight instead. In the swimming pool, you may often see people with a big belly, and there are also people who have been swimming for a long time, so some people wonder why swimming to lose weight is not effective. As a Body Fat Loss Machine Coolplas Factory, there are two reasons to share with you:

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6 in 1 Weight Loss Cavitation Machine

Reason one: insufficient exercise

When talking about exercise and weight loss, we must first understand the mechanism of exercise and energy expenditure. During exercise, energy consumption is completed in three stages, which are glucose metabolism, fat metabolism, and protein metabolism. Weight loss achieves results through fat consumption. Swimming starts at the anaerobic phase. Energy consumption mainly depends on the anaerobic fermentation of sugar. At this stage, the exercise is very intense. People have shortness of breath, insufficient oxygen, and no fat is used. After continuing to exercise, the human body begins to enter aerobic exercise period. For the next hour, during moderate-intensity exercise, energy is provided by the aerobic metabolism of sugar. It will not consume fat at this hour. If you continue to exercise, you will start to consume fat by aerobic metabolism of fat.

Therefore, swimming must begin to produce weight loss effects after at least one hour of continuous exercise. Some people do not have enough time to exercise or the amount of exercise is not effective. Many people have told me that I can swim in the swimming pool for 2 hours each time, and it still has no effect. At the same time, do you have to weigh yourself enough or exercise enough? Many people can’t swim for hundreds of meters in the swimming pool for an hour. Don’t blame the lazy way of swimming for not losing weight.

Reason two: Intemperate diet after swimming

People who swim frequently will find that their appetite will be much better than usual after swimming, so they should also pay attention to diet while swimming to lose weight. People have an "excessive recovery" phenomenon after exercise. To put it simply, in order to adapt to the improvement of exercise level in the next stage, after each exercise, more energy is consumed than before, which is a self-protection measure of the human body. Therefore, after swimming, people can often eat well and sleep soundly, and consume more calories, even more than they consume. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to dieting, especially after stopping for a period of time, it is easiest to make your weight exceed the original level. This is an important reason why many people fail to lose weight through exercise. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, you can also go to the beauty salon and choose Body Slimming Weight Loss Machine to lose weight. This is also the current trend.

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